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Visionsoft’s advanced mathematics and statistics-based analytics answer the question of how to get more useful, day-to-day decision data from enterprise application suites.

Every company has “enterprise applications” which help them run their business. Very often, we find four distinct attributes within companies:

  • Managers manually extract company-sensitive data into Excel spreadsheets, helping them accomplish their daily tasks. This creates wasted productivity, puts sensitive data at risk for theft or misuse, and is a source of human error.
  • Multiple enterprise applications exist in different lines of business; selfishly isolating critical data, and slowing key, holistic business decisions. Data isolation negatively affects sourcing, production, sales, inventory turns, transportation, customer service, and ultimately cash conversion and profitability.
  • Companies made large investments into enterprise applications prohibiting change or abandonment, yet lack achieving needed potential.
  • Companies need to leverage the existing suite of applications, reduce risk of data loss or misuse, and share data faster between departments for more informed business decisions and higher profitability.