• ¬†eHealthMonitor is a health care product which has been specifically developed for the medical practitioners and administrators for maintaining their respective record management.
  • eHealthMonitor demonstrates evidence of patient’s record for proactive monitoring and independent third party oversight. It empowers physician and administrator by demonstrating ongoing compliance including self-monitoring of claims, documentation of change and review of potential coding errors.
  • The integrity of a compliance plan is dependent upon its ability to mediate and mitigate complaints as well as provide evidence that withstands scrutiny and professional legal review. eHealthMonitor helps physicians and administrators by giving them easy access to this information allowing them to better manage organizational risks.
  • eHealthMonitor offers historical audit data of claims providing a baseline of errors and omissions that the provider should continually review. These reports reveal the potential risk for fines and penalties based on perceived fraudulent billing habits.
  • eHealthMonitor provides a complete automated audit of submitted claims using the HCFA and our audit rules. These reports provide a list of all claims that may be suspected to be fraudulent. Each individual coding error is identified in an alphanumerical manner and displays suspected coding error. eHealthMonitor assesses the patient’s record and helps in submitting them to the insurance companies for payment collection.