Textr is a live group messaging app – join groups with friends or people around the world and talk about all you love. The purpose of Textr is to provide a place for people to message others about things that interest them. We are changing the way group messaging works by pushing content to people based on their relationships with people and what interests them. In addition, Textr has open conversation pathways. In traditional messaging apps, when you message a friend all you have to do is click on their name and you can immediately have a conversation with them. Textr is doing the same with group messaging – just click on a group and immediately join the conversation.

The layout of Textr is similar to that of Twitter or Vine. Like the latter apps, we are focused on live content and our platform is focused on group messaging as a form of distributing that content.

With Textr you can follow and friend people as well as anything that interests you. In addition you can create groups for friends or the public. Your homepage serves as a live feed that is constantly being updated with new posts that are catered to your interests. Textr uses a semantic algorithm that takes conversations and then pushes new content based on interests. If you are a fan of boxing and there is a boxing match happening, there is a good chance you can just open Textr and instantly join a group chat that is on your homepage.

Some examples of what people can use Textr for:

  •  Message NFL fans as the game unfolds.
  •  Feeds for conventions and gatherings.
  •  Group messaging along friends without the hassle of inviting people.