Energy & Utilities


Organizations in the Energy & Utilities sectors operate in highly variable environments that directly impact their workforce and staffing requirements, including both expected and unexpected weather fluctuations. VSII provides customers in these industries with flexible staffing solutions and the skilled, highly specialized talent they need to keep operations running smoothly.

To help overcome the above challenges, we at VSII help organizations optimize processes, tackle new challenges and reduce costs, with our services like custom software development, Big Data & Analytics, cloud services, and entee mobility, and others..

Performance based models are requiring Utilities and Energy clients to becoming more customer value focused and putting pressure on the traditional cost of service models.

Energy and Utilities – Service Areas provided by VSII

  • Energy Resolution Management
  • Energy Supply Chain Optimization
  • Utility Billing & Energy Management
  • ERP
  • Procurement
  • Environment Health & Safety
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Business Intelligence – Reporting
  • Mobility