Retail & Manufacturing


Hardly any other industry has changed as quickly as the retail sector. Customers show great acceptance for digital solutions that make their shopping experience much easier. Whether on the road, at home or in a retail store – the customer is always looking for the most convenient way of shopping in exactly that moment. Forward-thinking retailers are required to adapt to their customers and their lifestyles.

We support these companies along the entire value chain and advise them on the introduction of the best solution for them and their customres. We are a proven partner of the retail sector and deliver intelligent e-commerce systems, mobile applications as well concepts for the point of sale.

With VSII as your strategic IT partner, you can achieve following benefits:

  • Staff your critical projects with required skills without further delaying project timelines
  • Bring greater degree of certainty on project execution within time, scope and budget
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Streamline Supply Chains ensuring lower lead times
  • Strengthen engagement with consumers and increase loyalty
  • Increase decision making agility
  • Drive better integration of sales, marketing, operations and customer support