Business Analytics & Intelligence


You have data. We put it to work.

In today’s ever-growing competitive market, you need to make strategic decisions based on objective information, rather than conjecture. Through our Business Intelligence and Analytics services, we help your organization make these informed decisions, working smarter and with greater efficiency.

Whether you have a mature Business Intelligence practice or are building it from the ground-up, we have the knowledge and systems in place to grow your Business Intelligence practice.

Making right decisions at right time is the key to success for any business. VSII’s Business Intelligence services help you to take paramount decisions by unfolding the hidden facts that affect the Business and provide the best mechanism to deal with them in a pragmatic manner.

VSII BI solutions enable users to maximize the value of data by incorporating multidimensional analysis and robust graphical reporting tools. This scenario is envisaged as a cube or a series of inter-related cubes .This further simplifies the complex analysis, by allowing three basic operations- drilling, rotation, and slicing & dicing which enables intuitive decisions, interactive analysis and makes the operation conspicuous without significant delay. The process also allows the users to explore data on their own, without advanced knowledge of databases or third-party reporting tools, empowering them to ask and answer their own questions quickly, easily, and effectively. Our focus is not only to provide the finest solution but also to open new horizons for our customers in diverse verticals.

Our Services:

  • Strategic Analysis & Solutions: – Our consultants carry out a brainstorming research up to the grassroots level to dig out the non-aligned factors that plague organizations and prevent them from achieving corporate goals and objectives. We also ensure to provide the best fit solution to your BI/Analytics needs which is complemented by solutions around data warehousing. Our solutions are the strategic space cover, the full scope of performance management and decision support tools from shop floor to board room.
  • Custom Technology & Tools Assessment: – Having the privilege of best industry professionals and required technical infrastructure, VSII provides the best technology solutions which help our customers to empower their organization by facilitating improved business decisions. Our customers exploit the agility of our solution not only by accessing and displaying information reports but also to report and analyse the critical data in an efficient and intuitive manner.
  • Custom Development & Performance Tuning: – At VSII we conclude the finest solutions by plunging into the roots of the problems. We have a team of experienced Business Intelligence specialists who are trained and certified in designing and developing BI solutions.
  • Visionsoft’s capability to analyze large volumes of transactional data and convert it into relevant intelligence powers your decision making.
  • The capabilities to proactively provide customized and statistically-analyzed system notifications and alerts will help you make tomorrow’s decisions today.
  • Using enhanced visual tool sets – like a car’s dashboard or control panel, Visionsoft provides decision makers with the input necessary to “drive” the business. The visual tools are enhanced graphical user interfaces designed to display summaries, graphics (e.g., bar charts, pie charts, bullet graphs), and gauges (with colors similar to traffic lights) in a portal-like framework that highlights important information.


  • Process analysis leading to cost efficiency, delivery optimization & improved performance.
  • Ability to drill down and get insight into sub-processes, define performance parameters & monitor them.
  • Simulate on which parts of process can be circumvented to resolve critical process path and make processes and sub processes simpler.
  • Critical data at fingertips with the help of Intuitive dashboards enabling timely decisions.