Agile project Management


Project Management is the critical element needed to consistently deliver predictable results to achieve customer satisfaction and improve the bottom line. It allows an organization to shift focus from ‘firefighting’ to ‘operating according to plan’. Project management is most effective when it is embedded in a culture of project-friendly business practices. This culture is embodied in an organization’s policies, practices, procedures and routines.

The way an organization and its management define, structure and act towards projects has an important effect on the success or failure of those projects, and consequently the success or failure of the organization.

VisionSoft’s Project Management Practice is focused on business results. It provides the framework and methodology to meet your project requirements within your business culture efficiently, cost-effectively, on time, and within budget. Project Management is a highly collaborative process that facilitates the development, validation and ‘blueprinting’ of a vision and corresponding strategies, methods and tools to ‘projectize’ an organization.

VisionSoft’s Project Consulting enables our clients to add proven experienced project and program managers to manage direct or mentor small or complex challenging initiatives when you need the extra help. It also provides coaching and mentoring of junior or less experienced personnel from a qualified, project management professional with 10-15 years of experience. Or, it fills a gap in your project management organization for estimating, planning, project initiation or kickoff.

Why VisionSoft?

VisionSoft can provide the certified program or project managers and mentors to ensure that your staff gains valuable knowledge and skills while managing challenging projects. VisionSoft provides the level of support you require, improves your project management practices, and then transfers complete our project managers are experienced in systems development and integration, telecommunications, facilities, construction and product development projects. They have experience in stepping in, taking over a project and driving it to successful completion. Whether we can assist you on a single project with a small team or a program consisting of dozens of projects and hundreds of staff, our managers will roll up their sleeves and work one-on-one with your Project Managers and Project or Program Offices to ensure your project’s success.

VisionSoft understands that each project has different requirements. The mentoring and coaching we provide is tailored to meet those specific needs. We accomplish your objectives by becoming an extension of your organization for the duration of a project, and providing the experienced personnel necessary to ensure that your time and cost goals are met.

Critical Success Factors for Project Consulting Services

  • Strong management commitment at all levels.
  • Clear understanding of goals that must be achieved by the project management framework.
  • High operational priority placed on this aforementioned initiative.
  • Strong and clear ownership of project management within the organization.


Effective project communication

  • Well-documented project processes/procedures.
  • Deployment plan based on the current project management maturity level.
  • Development plan that supports the organization’s desired project management maturity level over the long-run.
  • Documented roles & responsibilities.
  • Clear communication on how to apply the framework to all defined work types