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Supply Chain Solutions
Our Supply-chain practice provides a thorough analysis of business policies and helps bridge the gaps between operations support, logistics, transportation, procurement and customer service. Our data mining and process modeling capabilities often provide deep insights into business dynamics and identify potential for improvement. For example, our analysis has encouraged clients to redesign and re-evaluate operations processes, manufacturing asset deployment and customer service policies. Once recommendations are completed, we typically work with the client through the implementation phase to ensure that results are achieved.

Client Successes Stories

Customer Service
We worked with a large consumer products supplier and manufacturer to re-design customer order policies. The client managed multiple manufacturing locations and warehouses and identified improved customer service metrics and increased cube utilization as key business objectives. We identified the ordering patterns of their customers, their product segmentations and product shipping practices and incorporated them into the new ordering policy. We then recommended a step-by-step plan of action to implement the ordering policy for each customer group. AQThe recommended approach helped improve the cube factor and cut down the lead-time.

A manufacturer with a large portfolio of promotional SKUs challenged VisionSoft to revamp its forecasting process. We began by identifying and segmenting customers and SKUs by the degree of variability that each added to the forecast. This helped the client focus on their most chaotic SKUs and customers. We also helped the client establish a collaborative forecasting practice with the customers who had the highest degree of forecast errors. The new approach enabled the client to reconfigure inventories and improve customer service levels. The forecasting accuracy increased to 76% from 65% and the inventory levels reduced by 20%.