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IT Staffing

Our greatest strengths: - Retention & lower attrition!!!

VisionSoft staffing practice delivers high-quality staffing services built on industry best practices. We work with our clients to recruit and retain the best information technology talent possible.

Our team manages the acquisition and deployment of technical professionals for temporary IT staffing needs. Our flexible recruiting process provides clients with consistent, quick access to skilled IT professionals. We partner with our client to understand specific job requirements then utilize our industry expertise to provide the best candidate.

We are able to recruit from a wide range of job disciplines and provide either on-site or off-site management. Our employment network and proven recruiting methodologies accommodate for heavy ramp-up periods that often require clients to obtain many IT skill sets in a short period of time.

We serve clients with multiple locations and high volume IT needs. Using a formal assessment methodology to determine each client's staffing requirements, we build a cost-effective, customized supply model to streamline everything from technical requisitions to invoices. Internet-based requisitions, service level agreements and customized reporting are just some of our assets.

High-volume requests fuel our global recruiting efforts. Internet recruiting, recruiting to hot skills, hiring to profile, and a unique, centralized global processing recruiting center define our highly successful approach.

Large companies with multiple locations continually face the challenge of aligning their IT talent with their IT projects, and ensuring that they have the right resources when and where they need them. New projects spring up just after valuable IT professionals have been released. On the other hand, keeping costly IT talent sitting on the bench is not a viable solution.

The answer is a vendor with the skills to see the big picture. Our team enables us to match projects with the availability of our own resources, your resources, and subcontractors. And we have proven methodologies to manage the supply chain of IT resources from the first request to cutting a paycheck.

Lower Cost
  • Process savings ranging from 5% to 10% of your overall IT contracting budget
  • Comprehensive protection from co-employment exposure
  • Subcontractor management services that ensure uniform rates and uniform contracts, with terms and conditions flow-downs from client to VisionSoft to subcontractors
Faster Response
  • Quicker, more accurate IT talent fits
  • Higher candidate acceptance rate
Higher Quality
  • Reliable consultant retention throughout your project, with less than 10% turnover
  • A guaranteed response to 100% of the requisitions you submit
  • Accurate, easily understood, and readily accessible metrics
Less hassle
  • A single point of contact that eliminates the need to deal with multiple contractors
  • One set of prices, terms, and conditions that apply across the program