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Products : Order Fulfillment Planning

Increase service metrics, while minimizing backorders.

We offer an industry-leading proactive customer-order fulfillment planning suite to provide capacity-feasible due dates and assign inventory to customer orders to consistently meet the commitments.


Key Features:

Our real-time Available–to-Promise engine allows to:

    o reserve inventory for preferred customers
    o hold inventory commitments for future dates
    o lock inventories for specific orders
    o Fill orders automatically, following business rules and minimizing freight cost

  • The built-in "what-if" capabilities allow to evaluate alternate options to fill an order, meeting its due dates and minimizing the cost of delivery, such as changing source locations and splitting the order.
  • Our built-in diagnostic tools flag items that are going to be short and need attention from production planners. The built-in communication engine allows customer service agents to communicate shortages, status, metrics and backorders to production planners.
  • From order inquiry to order fulfillment, our customer order fulfillment-planning suite helps improve customer service process, significantly enhancing service metrics and minimizing costs.