QA Automation


Reputation of your product is built through years of dedication, innovation and service to customers; but ironically, it can be harmed in just a few minutes. In today’s well-connected world, good word travels fast, but bad word travels even faster and hence a displeased customer can do more harm to a product’s future than all other market forces put together.

We offer the whole bandwidth of testing services from Test Requirement Analysis through Tool Identification, Test Planning, Test Scheduling, Test Scripting, Test Execution and Test Result Analysis to Detailed Reporting. We implement the best testing standard in the industry to ensure reliability of the system tested and help customers to roll out bug free products in the shortest possible time on each & every occasion.

Our offerings include:

  • Functionality Testing
  • Browser/Platform Compatibility Testing
  • Website Testing
  • Performance/ Load Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Client/Server LAN Driven App. Testing
  • Regression Testing


We have qualified team of software testing services professionals and the expertise in strategy & planning, test case design & development and test execution in real-world environments.